"Born out of man's insatiable lust for gold, Rossland was nicknamed the Golden City.  Situated in the eroded crater of a long extinct volcano, its golden treasure laid down in prehistoric times lay hidden through the ages awaiting the discovery of man"


Rossland from Le Roi  (BC Archives)

Gold has been known to possess a warm energy that brings soothing vibrations to the body in the healing process.  It is like a jumper cable that allows energy to move power to the weakened or shocked meridians.  It has long been used in the therapies of acupuncture and reflexology.


Purple is used for the psyche and being one with the spirits.  It is the head chakra which touches on the parasympathetic, the part of the nervous system that helps to calm us.


Spa Caldera was named to reflect the unique history of Rossland.  The healing energy and soothing, calming vibrations of gold and purple adorn the walls of the spa to keep with the feeling of living in a caldera.

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